Looking back at the top 10 “Good News” stories of 2022

Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 3:16 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - There is a lot of good in the world. Sometimes, we must look harder to find it, but it’s always there.

Jody Kerzman shares “Good News” stories from around the region. As 2022 ends, she shares 10 of her favorites from 2022. Just click on the headline of each story to go to the original posted story:

#10: St. Mary’s Academy principal greets students with sunny smiles on cold days

St. Mary’s Academy principal welcomes students back on horseback

St. Mary’s Academy principal Michael Bichler
St. Mary’s Academy principal Michael Bichler(KFYR-TV)

St. Mary’s Academy principal Michael Bichler greets students outside door number four every morning. “Smiles are contagious,” he said, with a big smile on his face.

And on the first day of school this fall, he took his morning greeting to a new level, welcoming students back to a new year on horseback. “I just thought about a way I could bring a big smile to families in the morning on the first day of school,” he said.

#9: Mandan family raising awareness about Down syndrome with bath bombs

Brody Krein and his mom spent hours making bath bombs to raise money for Designer Genes and awareness about Down syndrome.

After our story aired, they received orders from as far away at Hawaii. And on World Down Syndrome Day, donated $3,400 to Designer Genes.

#8: A night to remember: Watford City high school’s prom extra special for one couple

Watford City senior Dakota Wollan and Madeline Miller
Watford City senior Dakota Wollan and Madeline Miller(Courtesy: Sara Wescott Photography)

Watford City High School senior Dakota Wollman took his 92-year-old great grandmother, Madeline Miller, to his senior prom.

“We walked out on the floor, and everyone just went wild,” said Wollman.

“You were the stars of the night,” Jody asked.

“Yes, I was,” replied Miller with a smile.

#7: A surprise from Australia

This was a moment nearly three years in the making. It is the moment Tom and Barb Thorson met their grandson Owen for the very first time.

“It was amazing. My heart jumped and was filled with joy,” said Barb.

Owen and his parents live in Australia. COVID kept them away for almost three years. But finally, they were able to make a surprise trip to Bismarck to see his mom’s family. A surprise that proves there’s no place like home.

#6: Bismarck woman’s creative ads fill social media with positivity, smiles

“I enjoy writing,” said Shannon Keller.

These days, Shannon Keller’s writing centers around ads like this. Each ad she writes offers a glimpse of her personality.

“If I can put something out there that’s funny and that’s going to make your day and make you laugh, I’m going to keep doing it,” she said.

#5: ‘Guardian Angel’ helps teen with broken leg

One Bismarck teenager and her mom, say whichever it is, Duey Johnson's presence is nothing...
One Bismarck teenager and her mom, say whichever it is, Duey Johnson's presence is nothing short of good news, and they hope after hearing what he did, more people might be a little more like him.(none)

On a June day,16-year-old Rayn Jensen fell off her horse.

“I fell on my knee and broke my femur,” she said.

Duey Johnson found her and sat with her while they waited for the ambulance.

“He gave me a blanket while I was laying there because I got really cold,” she remembered.

That blanket holds a lot of meaning for Johnson. It’s the blanket his late wife Donna used after every chemo treatment. She’s been gone for 13 years but Johnson never took the blanket out of his truck. He says that was his guardian angel—his late wife—stepping in.

“Thank you,” Jensen said as she gave Johnson a hug.

#4: Special bond: McIntosh, S.D. volleyball roster includes three sets of sisters

The McIntosh Tigers have a special connection on the volleyball court. Their connection is strengthened by seven sisters.

There’s Ava and Mya Hansen, Alonna and Josie Campbell, and the Lynch sisters: Cheyenne, Kaitlyn and Piper.

“I think it makes them better teammates because they trust each other, and they always have each other’s back,” said head coach Ashton Nehl.

#3: Grace on the Gridiron

In September 17-year-old Ole Svangstu collapsed on in the middle of a football game.

“I just felt lightheaded after that one play and then I was going to go to the sidelines and obviously I didn’t make it,” he recalled.

Doctors discovered Ole has an extra electric pathway in his heart.

“A picture does tell a thousand words,” said Don Anderson, who captured it all in photographs

But if the Svangstu family had to tell this story in only a few words, they’d chose words like “blessing,” “faith” and “miracle.”

#2: Lulu the rescue pig wiggles her way into White Shield family’s home and hearts

Lulu the rescue pig
Lulu the rescue pig(KFYR-TV)

Meet Lulu, the pig. Ashley DeHaven adopted Lulu from Kitty City.

“They were looking for a home and specifically a home that wouldn’t eat her and would let her just hang out and be a pet,” she said.

Lulu has made herself at home inside DeHaven’s house near White Shield.

“It’s like having three toddlers in the house,” laughed DeHaven

#1: Shirley the inflatable cow creates Christmas magic for Beach community

Jordan Tescher and his daughters are rounding up inflatable cows. It all started three years ago, when Shirley the inflatable cow escaped from the Tescher’s home. It’s become a Christmas tradition everyone in the town of Beach looks forward to. For this girl dad, moments like these are a dream come true.

“It’s the best thing ever, actually,” said Tescher.

We know there are many more good news stories that haven’t been told yet. If you’ve got Good News to share, email Jody (jody.kerzman@kfyrtv.com)

You can find more of Jody’s favorites in her Good News book. Click here “Good News” book by Jody Kerzman (kfyrtv.com) for details.