Legacy Sabers hockey excelling this season

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 9:18 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - In its first year as a program, the Legacy hockey team won nine games in the W.D.A. The Sabers have already passed that mark with two weeks left in the season.

Legacy hockey might be only two years in, but the Sabers have established themselves as one of the best in the West.

With a third-place finish in the WDA last season, Legacy Hockey made an immediate impact in the region. This winter, no one overlooked the Sabers.

“You know, we were picked as the preseason number one, which to me it doesn’t mean a whole lot until you drop the puck and play the game,” said Mario Lamoureux, Legacy Sabers head coach.

The puck dropped in late November. After starting the season with three wins, two losses, and four overtime games, along came the new year, and the Sabers rattled off eight straight.

“All four lines have really started stepping up and scoring. We’ve really come together much more, it feels like, in the new year,” said Matthew Souther, Legacy senior.

Mario Lamoureux took over the program last year, and as its head coach, he’s willed methods onto his players that he used when he was their age.

“Keeping our guys on the edge means showing up for practice every day, making sure that no one’s comfortable in their position. We have a lot of movement in our lineup. You’re comfortable being uncomfortable, and I’ve lived my whole life that way throughout my career and I just think it was a valuable lesson for me to improve,” said Lamoureux.

Not only are they improving on the ice because of effort, but the Sabers are also improving because their school has supported them since day one.

“Everyone was ready to play for their own school and represent them, and I think there’s a good following around it, around our school, and it’s motivated us to play better,” said Souther.

“I think it means a lot to play for your school, and it was a great thing for our community. You probably added 40 spots for kids to continue playing hockey at all three of the schools,” said Lamoureux.

The school and community have grown with the program, and now closing in on the end of year two, they’re riding success one wave at a time.

“It’s about showing up. Take care of your next shift, take care of your next game. Don’t look too far ahead but put those pieces in place to give ourselves a chance to compete at the end of the year,” said Lamoureux.

Legacy has four games left in the regular season before the WDA tournament.