‘Jesus Revolution’ features North Dakota actor, smashes box office estimates

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 4:53 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - In June 1971, the cover of Time magazine proclaimed a “Jesus Revolution.” Now a major motion picture has been made about the movement that started in California in the late 60s and early 70s.

Jordan Andrusky plays a young deacon in the newly released movie “Jesus Revolution.” In real life, he’s the son of Bismarck natives John and Hannah Erbele. Jordan says since he was a child, being an actor was all he wanted to be and that passion continued to grow as he did. Despite the rejection that often goes with achieving success in Hollywood, he said he knew God’s hands were busy behind the scenes.

“Just getting the role in ‘Jesus Revolution,’ it was an incredible feeling knowing that God has control over my life and over my career and everything. And that’s, honestly, what I’ve done, just given everything to God and he’s just opened up the doors now, so it’s kind of cool,” said Andrusky.

Jordan’s parents and his wife joined him on the red carpet for the film’s opening and it’s an experience that mom, Hannah Erbele, will never forget. She says it was so emotional to see hard work and persistence pay off for her son.

Jordan's parents and his wife joined Jordan Andrusky (left) on the red carpet for the film’s...
Jordan's parents and his wife joined Jordan Andrusky (left) on the red carpet for the film’s open.(KFYR)

“It brought tears to my eyes just because I know what it takes to actually, even being a smaller role in this film, but what it really takes to get there. It’s the tenacity, it’s the never giving up and I’ve seen that in him,” said Hannah Erbele, Jordan’s mom.

Andrusky said working behind the scenes on other movies helped make him comfortable on set, but the thought of working with Kelsey Grammer was stressful. However, the anxiety didn’t last long; he said those nerves quickly melted away.

“Yeah, I was a little bit nervous acting alongside Kelsey Grammer just because he is such, in my mind, a legend in the industry and stuff. But when I first met him, he really embodied the role of pastor Chuck Smith, and he just had that pastor demeanor to him,” said Andrusky.

Andrusky said the production company began each day with prayer, something he deeply appreciated. He will next move out to Nashville to pursue a career in screenwriting, but also says he isn’t done with acting yet and is waiting for God to open up another door for him.

“Jesus Revolution” took in $15.5 million in its opening weekend at the box office — more than double what was projected.