Stanley Elementary receives an unexpected grant

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 8:05 PM CST
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STANLEY, N.D. (KMOT) - About a month ago, Stanley Elementary got the news they would receive a $75,000 grant for being within the top five to ten percent of high-achieving Title I schools in North Dakota.

Karen Meyers, a Title I coordinator and reading teacher at the school for 30 years, said she didn’t know her school was being considered for the award, but it’s awesome.

”We’ve always had great grade level teams, support staff, everybody, our cooks, our janitors,” said Meyers.

Principal Brooks Stafslein said it was a welcomed surprise.

”It’s not something that had any warning. It just showed up in the middle of the year, out of the blue,” said Brooks Stafslein.

He said the new money will go towards updating curriculum, new early screening testing materials, more training for teachers, and other support for teachers during the day.

One way the school already backs up teachers is by giving Stanley High seniors an opportunity to be classroom helpers. Arielle Hoaby volunteers and gets credit for assisting with a third-grade class.

”Seeing an older peer that you look up to telling you that, ‘It’s cool to do good on your math test.’ I think that helps them a lot, just want to do better,” said Hoaby.

They added a third Title I teacher this year to have more one-on-one or small group time when teachers have to manage the whole classroom.

Third-grade teacher Heidi Stafslien said it’s great to get more funding.

”I mean, yeah, pat on your shoulder, but also theirs because they’re the ones doing the hardest work and I think that with this money that we’re getting, it’ll just help them even more so,” said Heidi Stafslien.

Meyers said the teachers and administrators make a habit of cross-coordinating.

“It takes a village,” said Meyers.

And this honor confirms it.

Metrics for deciding the recipients of the grant include student engagement and English and math proficiency improvement.