The power of prayer: Bismarck High School students hold prayer service after Thursday’s lockdown

Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 1:37 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. - Emotions are still running high at Bismarck High School after Thursday’s lockdown.

BHS was on lockdown for several hours after dispatch received a phone call from someone claiming to be an active shooter in the school. Police responded and determined it was a false alarm, but the experience shook students.

One group of students decided the best way to deal with those feelings was with prayer.

These high school students believe in the power of prayer.

“I know prayer works,” said BHS senior Beau Bitz.

They witnessed it when their school went into lockdown.

“God was totally in control and didn’t let anything bad come of it,” said Bitz.

“I just started praying,” added senior Ty MacDonald.

So, on this day, they gathered to pray again.

“We just kind of want to pray for our school and protection,” explained senior Lauren Eberle.

The lockdown, and the threat of an active shooter, are still very fresh in their minds.

“It was very scary,” said MacDonald.

Now, they share prayers of thankfulness, for each other, and for school staff and police.

“If there was a real incident, we know our policemen, our teachers, they take it seriously and definitely will get everyone out safe,” said Bitz.

“I am so grateful for your light,” said BHS teacher Kathy Lord Olson. “I can’t wait to tell the public how grateful and blessed I am to be in a building with such fine, mature young adults who handled things so beautifully.”

They’re hopeful their group might grow. Normally only about eight students gather for weekly worship. On this day, more than two dozen joined.

“We have hope that something good can come out of it,” said Eberle.

Teachers say, it already has.

“This group is unspeakably full of joy and light and they walk Christ’s walk every day. They are beacons of God and his message,” said Lord Olson.

A message these students say they need now more than ever.

Bismarck police say Thursday’s incident was a ‘swatting call.’ Others were reported across the state. All were determined to be false alarms.