Starkweather teen delivers wintry forecast

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 5:22 PM CDT
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STARKWEATHER, N.D. – Look out First Warn weather team! A teenager from Starkweather might just be getting ready to replace our team of meteorologists.

Jocelyn Stinkeoway’s mom shared cell phone video on social media of the 13-year-old doing a weather report from their backyard.

“This Jocelyn and I’m reporting from my backyard in Starkweather. As you can tell, it’s a little bit windy out here and everything in North Dakota is closed,” Jocelyn said in the video. Her mom, Rachel, says that video has been viewed more than 88,000 times since she posted it. Rachel said the seventh grader isn’t new to making videos; she did a lot during the pandemic and this weekend decided it was time to do another.

Jocelyn said she’d never really thought about a career in tv or in weather, but her viral video has her considering it.