Two new inductees into the North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 8:08 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - To honor men and women who have made recognizable contributions to North Dakota farming and ranching, the North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame honors those who have dedicated their lives to improving agriculture.

On March 8 Jerry Doan of Mckenzie and Nancy Jo Bateman of New Salem were inducted into the hall of fame.

“It’s always fun to be involved in telling a positive story about agriculture. That’s what drives me, I guess,” said Jerry Doan, ND Ag Hall of Fame inductee.

Nancy Jo Bateman has become a legend for promoting beef over the years.

“Today, we don’t even hear about that because of what changes have been made to our product. To the way we promote it to the education that we’ve been able to get out to consumers to nutrition professionals,” said Bateman, ND Ag Hall of Fame inductee.

Both Bateman and Doan worked on the North Dakota Beef Commission together.

“Inducted into the Ag Hall of Fame together was a testament to throwing out there that animal agriculture is alive and well,” said Doan.

Nancy worked for the North Dakota Beef Commission for more than 38 years, has produced shows about beef, educated the youth and grew up with a background in agriculture. Her love for livestock started early on as a 4her.

“Extremely rewarding seeing all of the changes in the new products that have come to market. We didn’t even have a flat iron steak or a tri-tip back then and now they’re top markets for our product,” said Bateman.

Jerry Doan has also dedicated his life to his family’s generational ranch Black Leg Ranch and teaching people about agriculture.

“And you went this works and you’re only as good as the people that you’ve worked with and the people that have helped you along the way,” said Doan.

Both are dedicated to serving North Dakota’s agriculture industry even after their retirements.

Both received their awards at the 86th annual North Dakota Winter Show in Valley City.