A bike fit for size: Local 7′1″ man gets custom set of wheels

Custom made to fit his height: That's 7'1" tall
Custom made to fit his height: That's 7'1" tall(kvly)
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 6:56 PM CDT
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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - It’s helmets on and kickstands up for a local man who is ‘big’ on biking. This time of the year, we often see people out and about on their bikes, but Kristian Jensen may have you doing a double take.

“The foot pedals are a little bit oversized to fit my big feet: size 17′s,” he says.

This bike was custom made for Jensen by his friends at Great Northern Bike because he’s 7′1″. At his height, the bike needed some modifications to make it comfortable.

“These are 36″ diameter wheels. That makes it go off the ground higher. The handle grips are a little bit bigger for my big hands,” tells Jensen.

Believe it or not, Jensen says, he doesn’t get pulled over by those curious about his height too often.

“It’s usually me who does the pulling over,” he says.

He’s Minnesota State Patrol’s tallest trooper to date. He’s stationed and lives in Thief River Falls.

“Usually they’re quite well behaved when I do stop and visit with them,” Jensen tells us.

Jensen visits Fargo often, but he’s traveled around the world.

“In Japan, it’s like I’m a ghost and ignored. In the Philippines, it’s like I’m a Hollywood celebrity and have dozens of people following me around,” he says.

Traveling and living around the world is how he met his wife.

“A woman from Taiwan. She is 5′8″. So, in her country she’s Amazonian,” he says.

Jensen says finding clothes isn’t too much of a chore nowadays.

“Growing up it was. I always had to make sacrifices for finding something... It was made for big people but not my kind of big,” he says.

He’s able to get some help on that front though.

“This sweater right here. My wife made it for me,” he shares.

Like his bike, the sweater comes with some special features.

“There are extensions here, so I can keep my fingers warm in the winter time,” he says.

With nicer weather on the way, he can do what he loves.

“I have two boys, nine and 11, and I want to go out and enjoy the weather and environment together with them,” Jensen shares.

As Jensen rode away on his new set of wheels, he shared some advice.

“For all the kids at home, make sure you wear your helmet,” he says.

Jensen says because of COVID delays, his bike took about a year and half to get to him. He feels the wait was worth it, as he’s very happy to have a comfortable set of wheels.